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A Picture can tell a thousand words and provide inspiration.
Florida Keys Party Rentals is proud to have been a special part in thousands of events. We know the possibilities are endless so we would like to assist you by sharing events from others in a setting or venue you may be choosing! Whether you select a backdrop with the sparkling aqua waters, a tropical garden or a private secluded property, the Florida Keys provide the perfect backdrop for breathtaking events! These are some of our favorite featured and unique locations where we can arrange the setting of your dreams. We hope this provides you with ideas and inspirations!

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100_0316.jpg Aqua wedding and black and white wedding 002.jpg Aqua wedding and black and white wedding 004.jpg Aqua wedding and black and white wedding 007.jpg Aqua wedding and black and white wedding 008.jpg GetAttachment.jpg GetAttachment_1.jpg GetAttachment_2.jpg IMG_0431.jpg IMG_0432.jpg IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0435.jpg IMG_2701.jpg IMG_2707.jpg IMG_2707_1.jpg IMG_3539.jpg IMG_3541.jpg IMG_3549.jpg IMG_3553.jpg IMG_8692.jpg IMG_8693.jpg IMG_8698.jpg IMG_8773.jpg IMG_8774.jpg IMG_8775.jpg IMG_8776.jpg IMG_8777.jpg P1160004.jpg P1160005.jpg P1160008.jpg P1160009.jpg P1160010.jpg P1160011.jpg P1160013.jpg P1160013_1.jpg P1290116.jpg P3060170.jpg P3060171.jpg P3060172.jpg P3060173.jpg P3060175.jpg P3060177.jpg P3060178.jpg P3060178_1.jpg P3060182.jpg P3060183.jpg P5220196.jpg P5220197.jpg P5220199.jpg P5220200.jpg P5220203.jpg droppedImage.jpg droppedImage_1.jpg index.jpg index_10.jpg index_12.jpg index_14.jpg index_18.jpg index_2_1.jpg index_2_7.jpg index_2_8.jpg index_3.jpg index_3_1.jpg index_6.jpg index_7.jpg index_8.jpg index_9.jpg